Many already recognized CO-VID 19 crisis will permanently change the way we will live our lifes in the future (already has actually). Making sense of the current situation is not an easy task: how can we contribute as we #stayhome and wait for the storm to pass?

As dramatic images are reported from cities in the world, many of us experience common feelings of confusion, anxiety, fear and bewildering. After initial disorientation some sort of “new normal” routines are conditioning the way we organize our lifes. We seat and wait (or we stand and try to puzzle daily tasks and duties), while the media monopolize our attention with datas and numbers on the epidemic.

Unexpectedly, some fascinating (and rather scary) wide range consequences of locking down entire regions are also shown. During the last weeks, interesting perspectives and interpretations of these new facts, spread out on social networks and debate, presenting the current situation as an opportunity to more decisevely rethink our societies, the paradigms, development models and frames we use to think and plan our cities and territories.